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If you’re looking for aesthetic Décor items & Furniture that can elevate the ambiance of your home, office, workspace, garden, etc we’re a Jodhpur-based Home Decor Items Manufacturer firm that can help you out find the right decor.

We serve with state-of-the-art hand-crafted items some of which are even knitted/ hand-painted/crafted by skilled jodhpurs artisans who carry the legacy of Indians in form of their work.

Exclusive handicrafts with over 1500+ Table Decor and Wall Decor items that suit your exquisite lifestyle. Our array of beautiful decor is surely eye-grabbing.

We firmly believe that our price bracket should be feasible so that our customers feel less hesitant to deal, hence we include it in our work ethic to bring you the best stuff at the best price.

Even we’ve used these handicrafts furniture and we actually feel that it helps you create a happier and healthier vibe around the residing place.

Please do visit us once as we await customers like you.

Handicrafts Décor Items Manufacturers

Decorative items manufacturers

Metal Wall Decor

Sculpted from superior quality metal and spray-painted from water-resistant colors these are the finest set of décor that we provide for our customers. These are the essentials when it comes to home or office décor

Wall Plates

Wall Plates have always been a token of royal and grand lifestyle since the Japanese era and this concept has now propagated throughout the world. In respect to modern-day having a wall plate as décor is quintessential.

Table Decor

Buying table décor is just a way of adding beauty to the mundane stuff in your life but it elevates your living standards in significant ways. These include categories like Antique figurines, wooden décor, miniature, etc.

Decor Mirrors

As it is said that mirrors are just not reflections but are sometimes are an insight into who we really are. These decorative mirrors remind us of who we actually are and what are we capable of.Decorative Mirrors

Vintage Clocks

As we know that wall clocks are a very essential component of everyone’s life, these are very important as they remind you of working on the scheduled time and help you stick to your work goals.

Hooks & Hangers

Keys and other small things are easy to get lost and in the complete modern-day mayhem we can easily forget these things and further, they can create havoc in our lives. So hooks and hangers are the perfect solution.


Spirituality is one of the fundamentals that reside in every house and even in the workplace in India. from Vastu to well-being these are some of the most important when it comes to decor.


Kitchenware is those classics that are required in each and every house from wooden trays to Spice boxes we provide all sorts of Kitchenware decor so that you can easily create a unique set of kitchen decor.

Faux Busts

The faux animal busts have been one of the prime choices of the Rajputs of the Marwadi and Mewadis of Rajasthan. These are considered as a symbol of pride and royalty across the Thar.Faux Animal

Photo Frames

Photos are one of the most inevitable parts of our lives they remind us of the reminiscing days we have had with your loved ones. So why not beautify our very lovable memories with glorious photo frames.

World Maps

The world has turned into a global village in Modern Times and for the same, all intellectual people tend to explore the world in their own way. These wooden world maps are beautiful.Wooden World Map

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting has been one of the most difficult tasks for everyone. Because thinking of what should be gifted to your colleagues or even your boss is a very choosy task amid all this confusion we are here as your saviors.

Home Garden

Living in the hustle-bustle of the city all we can do to bring nature to our house please maintain the home garden and this can further be made more elegant using the range of home garden accessories.

Utility Items

Utility items are something that we all need everyday. So why not moon do this mundane task in a stylish way so here is an array of decor items that can help you elevate your lifestyle and give it a sassy outlook.

Rajasthani Arts

With a legacy like none. Just like how the wine gets better with time, the Rajasthani culture has the essence and grace that mesmerizes people across the world and we aim to cultivate this sense of glory for Rajasthani art.

Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys Are The Most Authentic And Eye Catching Products For Interior Work And Indian Craft House is The Most Popular Developers of Wooden Toys, Indian Craft House Provide Strips Of Variety.

Metal Wall Art Manufacturer

Indian Craft House

Our Metal Wall Art Decor is handmade by Artisans of India with high-quality metal alloys. Indian Craft House Is Metal Wall Art Manufacturer And Originator of Home Decor In Jodhpur Rajasthan, We Exploit Efficacious And Potent Method For Prodigious Production, Well There Are Many Clients Who endearment Our Metal Wall Art Work, Apart From That We are The Mass Producer Of Table Decor Products Namely Table Clock and Pen Stand Which Is  Mainly Employ For Corporate Gifting


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